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Attend one of our upcoming leadership events and learn more about what the OCDSB is doing to foster leadership at all levels. From students and staff, to parents and community members, we want to hear what you think about leadership, creativity and what it takes to make individuals and organizations flourish! Learn more about what leadership means at the OCDSB and what we are doing to foster it by reading our leadership narrative and by learning more about previous events!

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"What are the conditions under which healthy and creative individuals and organizations flourish?"

Post, tweet (#ltw2c), email or give us your feedback face-to-face at an event! There are many ways you can contribute to the conversation and we want to hear from you! Check out how to have your say below!


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The OCDSB is one of only two Canadian members of the prestigious National Creativity Network. The National Creativity Network believes that by fostering creativity in our society as a whole, and specifically with future generations, America can remain a leader in innovation and free enterprise. The very future of our communities and institutions depends on our ability to nurture and harness imagination to creatively solve problems. The opportunities that emerge to transform our nation are largely dependent upon the degree to which we are connected to each other. Our connection will become a catalyst.

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 Testimonials and Comments


Testimonials and Comments

Thank you so much for inviting me to last night’s event. I commend your Board and the organizing ctt. for putting on such an outstanding event that I will certainly talk about for years to come as an ideal platform and program for a conference event. Wow! I had the opportunity to connect with many of Ottawa’s leaders and voices, particularly with Aboriginal artists. We had useful discussions in ways to move reconciliation forward via the train tour of the film, 3rd World Canada. I am certain that the creative space created by your conference has also planted many seeds that will continue onwards in our community. My other highlight was the opportunity to hear from your Board, principals such as yourself in how quickly reconciliation and Aboriginal pride is moving through your schools. I thought that was wonderful news! I hope you are all very proud in the great strides your Board is taking on the matter of reconciliation and Aboriginal culture. It was wonderful to witness this last night. Kuddos! Thanks to this event I was able to solidify partnership with other artists and advanced my work.
- Andrée Cazabon, filmmaker, Third World Canada

Just returned to Toronto and I’m still thinking about the day I spent yesterday at your wonderful event: Celebrating the Spirit of Youth: Show Me the Way. The entire concept was for me so unique and so innovative. Margaret Wheatley was magnificent. I envy how she can speak so eloquently without notes. She said so many important things that have stayed with me. The focus on aboriginal education/issues and the Arts is always topical and requiring our attention. What was most fascinating to me was the late Tuesday afternoon format with all of the various stakeholders. I enjoyed exchanging ideas and hearing from the Moms, the gentleman who worked for a wrecking company, students, etc. The feedback for OCDSB should be rich and will no doubt inform future directions in your board. Most of all, I enjoyed, as you yourself said, watching you on the big screen. I could have listened for hours! Congratulations to you and your committees for what was a truly BRILLIANT event.
- Tony Tumminieri

Lead the Way is an excellent initiative for leaders from public, private and not-for-profit organizations to remove themselves from their structured work environments and surround themselves with like-minded individuals who wish to let their creativity flourish. This conference nourishes new thinking and ultimately helps to inspire the innovations
that move our institutions forward.
- Jay Paxton