Arts in the OCDSB


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Arts Programming in the OCDSB

This was just the starting point of our discussion - please continue to contribute so we can all work together to ensure our students receive the best possible education! Please contribute your thoughts about arts programming in the OCDSB by answering the following question:

What suggestion(s) or recommendation(s) would you make to improve or enhance any aspect of the arts (dance, drama, music, visual arts, media arts) in schools of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board?

You may wish to consider the following categories in your response:

  • Educational experiences refers to all school-based arts experiences, including activities, resources, teaching and learning strategies, teacher expertise, classroom atmosphere, etc.

  • Partnerships refers to all possible resources from outside the school, including parental involvement, workshops by community members/organizations, resource contributions from any part of the school community, artist workshops and performances, field trips, etc.

  • Equity and inclusion refers to equity of opportunity with respect to the arts, including equal experiences available in all of the arts and arts learning that is equally accessible by all student populations, etc. 

Have we left out anything important?

Learn more by checking out background information, Ministry of Education information, current Arts programming in the OCDSB, and a video of trustees, students and staff. You can also send any additional thoughts or comments to

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