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Shirley Seward - Zone 11

Shirley Seward 


Shirley Seward
Zone 11
Chair of the Board River




 Committee Membership

Chair of the Board
Statutory, Ad Hoc, Advisory, and Special Purpose Committees
Member (Ex-officio) – Ad Hoc Committee for Board Self-Evaluation and Director Performance Evaluation Processes
Member (Ex-officio) – Secondary School Review Ad Hoc Committee
Member (Ex-officio) – Ad Hoc Committee to Develop an Advocacy Strategy
Member (Ex-officio) – Agenda Planning Committee
Member (Ex-officio) – Strike Management Committee
Member (Ex-officio) – Trades and Technology Steering Committee
Member (Ex-officio) – Ad Hoc Committee for Trustee Code of Conduct
Member (Ex-officio) (Non-voting) – Advisory Committee on the Arts
Member (Ex-officio) (Non-voting) – Alternative Schools Advisory Committee
Member (Ex-officio) (Non-voting) – Advisory Committee on Equity (ACE) 
Alternate Member (Ex-officio) – Community Member Recognition Awards Selection Ad Hoc Committee
Alternate Member (Ex-officio) - Board of Directors, Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA)

 Elementary Schools



Bayview Public School
Owl Dr.
Ottawa K1V 9K3
School Web Site

Carleton Heights Public School
1660 Prince of Wales Dr
Ottawa K2C 1P4
School Web Site

Clifford Bowey Public School
1300 Kitchener Ave
Ottawa K1V 6W2
School Web Site

Fielding Drive Public School
777 Fielding Dr
Ottawa K1V 7G1
School Web Site

General Vanier Public School
1025 Harkness Ave
Ottawa K1V 6N9
School Web Site

W.E. Gowling Public School
250 Anna Ave
Ottawa K1Z 7V6
School Web Site



 Secondary Schools



Brookfield HS
824 Brookfield Rd
Ottawa K1V 6J3
School Web Site