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Thank you for your interest and participation in the OCDSB Budget Discussions.

Community input to the budget process is important. As parents, students, partners, community members or employees, you bring a unique perspective to our work. We invite you to share your ideas as they relate to your school, your committee or department, or to the district as a whole. Please think about our strategic priorities and consider the following questions:

1. Can you identify three opportunities for investment that would support student achievement and well-being at the OCDSB?
2. Can you identify three opportunities or changes that could generate savings?
3. Looking at the district’s four key priority areas, well-being, engagement, leadership and learning, in your opinion, does one of these priority areas require more investment at this time?

Consider these questions – individually, as a school council, in a public meeting, as a committee or as a community group/agency. You can provide your input individually or collectively. You can reach us at

If you click on the email above and it doesn't work please set up your default mail client or copy and paste the address into a new email.

Consultation Plan pdf