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Pupil Accommodation Review Process Changes - Policy Update, COMPLETE

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November 2015
Following a public consultation and in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education's New Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline (March 2015), the OCDSB has updated and replaced its Pupil Accommodation Policy P.118.PLG.  The old policy has been rescinded and has been replaced with a new document which was approved on November 24, 2015 by Board.

P.118.PLG Pupil Accomodation Reviews

September 2015

The OCDSB is making changes to its Pupil Accommodation Review Policy in accordance with the Ministry of Education's New Pupil Accommodation Guideline.
What are the major changes?
  1. Background information on the proposed accommodation option/solution and supporting rationale will now be provided at the beginning of a review process by staff. 
  2. Accommodation Review Committee members will now serve as an "advisory body and conduit" between the community and the school board and are no longer tasked with voting on options.
  3. The minimum number of days for an accommodation review process can now be reduced from 180 to a minimum of 100 business days


We are updating our current School Accommodation Studies Policy P.118 PLG that will steamline the accommodation review process. This update will ensure valuable school and community input is heard during reviews involving program movement and/or consolidation of facitilies.

Note: This document must include minimum standards as set out in the new Ministry of Education Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines (March 2015).

For more information please review the material under Resources.

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P 118 PLG Pupil Accommodation Reviews.pdf
Current School Accommodation Studies Policy P.118.PLG.pdf
DRAFT POLICY - Pupil Accommodation Review.pdf
Appendix 1, TOR to DRAFT POLICY.pdf
Appendix 2, Flow Timeline Chart to DRAFT POLICY.pdf
Report June, No.15-076 (Pupil Accommodation Review Policy Update –Consultation Process).pdf
Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline (PARG) 2015, Ministry of Education.pdf
Memo to Trustees April, No.15-068 (PARG and CPPG Guideline and requirement to Update Board Policy).pdf
Report September, No.15-101 (Consultation Process Approval – Pupil Accommodation Review Policy Update).pdf
Memo 15-140 Update to Report 15-101 (Supplemental Information to Report 15-101).pdf
Report November, No. 15-151 (Pupil Accommodation Review Policy - Update and Replacement.pdf