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Understanding Depression, Anxiety and Bullying - Parenting through challenging times

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) and Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontarion (CHEO) will host a free information session for parents on the subjects of suicide, depression, anxiety, and bullying.  
The event will be a two-hour Q&A session with a panel of experts focusing on warning signs, practical tips and “how to” talk to your teen. Audience members will be given many opportunities to be heard – you can ask questions to the panelists at the session, submit your questions in writing at the event, or pre-submit your questions below.
The panel discussion will be moderated by Alex Munter, CHEO’s president and chief executive officer.
Members of the panel will include:
Dr. Phil Ritchie: A CHEO psychologist who specializes in mood and anxiety disorders, helping parents build resilient teens, urgent care and disaster response. Dr. Ritchie is also one of the columnists for CHEO’s “I’m Glad you Asked”, an educational forum to discuss general mental health questions and issues available on the CHEO website.
Dr. Neil Gottheil: A clinical psychologist with CHEO’s outpatient mental health services. Dr. Gottheil works with children and teens dealing with various mental health issues and has considerable experience in the areas of mood, anxiety, suicidality and bullying. He has lectured extensively in the community and to professional groups on the topic of bullying.
Dr. Clare Gray: A pediatric psychiatrist, head of CHEO’s Crisis Intervention Program, and Chief of Community Based Psychiatry.
Event: Wednesday, October 15, 2014  from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Where: Sir Robert Borden High School, 131 Greenbank Road, Nepean
Parking is free.