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Have Questions? We’re Standing By To Help

Answers to some of the most frequent questions we are asked can be found below. If you cannot
find an answer here to questions you have regarding your child’s future with us, please email us or, call 613-596-8211. We’re always happy to help!


 Registration FAQs

Expand/Collapse Q : At what age do children start school? ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Q : How do I know if school buses are cancelled due to poor weather? ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Q : How do I register my child for school? ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Q : Is my child eligible for transportation? ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Q : What school programs are offered? ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Q : When are board meetings held? ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Q : Where can I get more information on schools? ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Q : Which documents are needed for registration? ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Q : Who do I call for information on buses? ‎(1)
Expand/Collapse Q : Who is my school trustee? ‎(1)