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School Council Tips

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This section is about school councils helping school councils. Here you will find great ideas and valuable tips to improve your school council meetings and how your school council conducts its business. If your school council has a best practice that you want to share with other school councils in our district, please e-mail us.

- End of a School Year and Preparation for the Next Year
- How Can Our School Council Improve Communications
- How Can We Encourage the Use of and Develop a School Council Code of Ethics
- How can we improve our school council meetings
- How Can We Promote our School to the Larger Community
- How Can We Survey to Gather Input on Priorities and Other Issues
- How Can You Increase Parental Involvement in the School
- What can you school council do to encourage more parents to come to meetings
- What's In Your Annual Report to the School Community
- School Council Financial Reporting

Additional tip sheets are provided by Parents for Education (P4E). These tips sheets are translated into 11 different languages. Check them out by visiting the P4E website.
Parents for Education is an independent parents’ group working to support public education in Ontario’s English, French and Catholic schools. These tip sheets offer general and helpful information, however, do not necessarily speak directly to the OCDSB situation.