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Exceptional Circumstances

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Revised Process for Volunteers
  1. The principal will prepare a list of extra-curricular activities which he or she believes can safely and reasonably operate with volunteers and without supervision by staff. These activities would include sports activities, student clubs, and school-sanctioned student events.  The principal will review the list with the school council.

  2. The principal will invite parent and community volunteers to express their interest.  Persons interested in volunteering must advise the principal of:
    • the activity for which he or she is volunteering;
    • his or her experience in the activity;
    • his or her availability; and
    • his or her willingness to coach/lead the activity in schools other than the current school.

  3. Principals will continue to coordinate volunteers for low risk activities at the school level.  Volunteers for medium to high risk activities will be referred to a central screening committee which will undertake the screening of volunteers on behalf of the principal.

  4. Volunteers for medium to high risk activities will be required to complete an application and related documentation including:
    • a completed volunteer application form (which includes 2 references and a summary of qualifications to supervise the extracurricular activity in question); and
    • an approved police record check (or evidence of application for a police record check).

  5. The central committee will review the documentation, confirm eligibility and placement of the volunteer, and will provide training on Board policies and procedures.  All volunteers approved by the central screening committee must participate in a training program and must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to undertaking any volunteer responsibilities which puts them in direct, unsupervised contact with students.

  6. The school principal will contact the volunteer and provide information regarding access to the school, equipment, student recruitment processes and any other necessary information.

  7. All students participating in medium to high risk extra-curricular activities with a volunteer supervisor will be required to have a signed letter of parental consent prior to participation.

  8. Where a sports team qualifies to attend a competition, tournament and/or championship sponsored by NCSSAA and/or OFSAA, the principal shall work with the superintendent of instruction to ensure a staff member is available to attend the event.

  9. Persons interested in volunteering to support an extra-curricular activity who do not currently have a child enrolled in school should contact the central steering committee directly at  The committee will confirm your eligibility and will work with our rural and high-needs schools to match your skills and experience with the needs of a school.