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Extra Curricular Creative Arts (ECCA) Program

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Extra curricular creative arts program

Continuing Education's ECCA Program offers arts instruction courses in various OCDSB elementary schools for students in Grades 1-8.Classes are held during the school year, at convenient times, outside of school hours. 

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Upcoming Recitals and Special Events -- June 2016
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To view our Full Year Course Schedule click here or view our Course Flyers by Location TAB below.
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Video 1: Watch Chloe in her Drawing for Kids class 

Video 2: Watch Adele in her Ukulele class

For more details on the Extra Curricular Creative Arts Program, please call 613-239-2747 or email: 

Want to become an instructor with the ECCA Program?


Fall Start Info Sheet 2015-16.pdf
Form for Registration - Fax or Mail in.pdf
Payment Options.pdf
Release Form.pdf
Withdrawals and refunds.pdf

 About the Program

ECCA Program Overview.pdf
How to Contact Us.pdf
How to Rent an Instrument.pdf
Instrument Rental Agreement External.pdf
Instrument Rental Agreement.pdf
Setting up a new course.pdf
Supervision, Absences, Cancellations.pdf
Supply costs.pdf
Survey for new courses.pdf

 Important Dates

Class Dates at a Glance.pdf
ECCA Special Event Days.pdf
PA Days and Stat. Holidays.pdf
Program Dates, Holidays, Make-up Classes.pdf

 Related Information

Kiwanis, RCM examinations, HS Accreditation info.pdf
OCDSB - Young Rembrandts.pdf
RCM Music Education Benefits.pdf
RCM Research Article Infographic.pdf

 Course Flyers by Location

Agincourt Piano 2015-16.pdf
Alta Vista Piano 2015-16.pdf
Bayview Piano 2015-16.pdf
Briargreen Piano 2015-16.pdf
Broadview Piano 2015-16.pdf
Castor Valley Ukulele 15-16.pdf
Churchill Piano 2015-16.pdf
D Roy Kennedy Young Rembrandts Mar2016.pdf
D Roy Kennedy young Rembrandts, Jan 2016.pdf
D Roy Kennedy Young Rembrandts, May 2016.pdf
DRoy Kennedy Piano 2015-16.pdf
DRoyKennedy Young Rembrandts Nov 2015.pdf
Elgin Piano 2015-16.pdf
Elmdale Piano 2015-16.pdf
Elmdale Ukulele Level I 2015-16.pdf
First Avenue Piano 2015-16.pdf
Fisher Park Piano 2015-16.pdf
Hopewell Piano 2015-16.pdf
Hopewell Strings 15-16.pdf
JHPutman Piano 2015-16.pdf
Kars on the Rideau Lets Write and Publish A Novel Fall 2015.pdf
Kars on the Rideau Lets Write and Publish A Novel Feb2016.pdf
Kars on the Rideau Piano 2015-16.pdf
Kars on the Rideau Piano Intro Mar 2016.pdf
Manordale Piano 2015-16.pdf
Manotick Yoga 15-16.pdf
Mary Honeywell Young Rembrandts Mar 2016.pdf
Mary Honeywell Young Rembrandts Nov 2015.pdf
Mary Honeywell Young Rembrandts, Jan 2016.pdf
Mary Honeywell Young Rembrandts, May 2016.pdf
Mutchmor Piano 2015-16.pdf
Osgoode Piano 2015-16.pdf
PleasantPark Strings15-16.pdf
Robert Hopkins Intro Guitar Fall 2015.pdf
Robert Hopkins Intro Piano Fall 2015.pdf
Robert Hopkins Young Rembrandts Mar 2016.pdf
Robert Hopkins Young Rembrandts Nov 2015.pdf
Robert Hopkins young Rembrandts, Jan 2016.pdf
Robert Hopkins Young Rembrandts, May 2016.pdf
Rockcliffe Park Young Rembrandts Mar 2016.pdf
Rockcliffe Park Young Rembrandts, Jan 2016.pdf
Rockcliffe young Rembrandts Nov 2015.pdf
Rockcliffe Young Rembrandts, May 2016.pdf
Sir Winston Churchill Young Rembrandts Mar 2016.pdf
Sir Winston Churchill Young Rembrandts Nov 2015.pdf
Sir Winston Churchill Young Rembrandts, Jan 2016.pdf
Sir Winston Churchill Young Rembrandts, May 2016.pdf
Steve MacLean Piano 2015-16.pdf
Woodroffe Avenue Young Rembrandts Mar 2016.pdf
Woodroffe Avenue Young Rembrandts, Jan 2016.pdf
Woodroffe Avenue Young Rembrandts, May 2016.pdf
Woodroffe Young Rembrandts Nov 2015.pdf