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Request an Ontario Student Transcript (OST)

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To request a copy of a transcript click here to download and complete our Request for Transcript Form and bring it to your last attended secondary school. View a list of our schools for location and contact information. View a list of our schools for location and contact information.


Ontario Student Transcripts (Student Records) For Students of the OCDSB


Ontario Student Transcript

The Ontario student transcript is a comprehensive record of a student’s overall achievement in secondary school and provides a record of standing with regard to secondary school diploma requirements. All students studying in Ontario have an Ontario Student Transcript (OST). Transcripts may be required for university/college application or for many other reasons. The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) makes transcripts available for former and current OCDSB students on request.


If you are a former student applying to an Ontario College, you now have the option to request your transcript through the Ontario College Application Service. See Ontario College Application Service listed below for more details.


Ontario Secondary School Diploma

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is a certificate issued and awarded by the secondary school from which the student has successfully completed graduation requirements as prescribed by the Ministry of Education.


Fees for Transcripts or Diplomas

Two transcripts are issued free of charge to students who have graduated or retired from their secondary school less than one year ago. Subsequent copies are $5.00 each.


Students who have been away from their school for more than one year will be charged $24.00 for the first transcript with a $5.00 charge for each additional copy. A duplicate diploma will be issued at a cost of $24.00. Payment is cash, money order, or certified cheque and must be payable to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. Please note that Visa/Mastercard, Interac Direct Payment or personal cheques are not accepted. Payment is due and payable at the school when submitting the Request for Student Transcript Form.


Frequently Asked Questions


What will I need if I come to pick up my transcript or diploma?

You will need identification such as a valid government-issued photo identification (ex. health card/driver’s licence) and cash, money order, or certified cheque in the amount of $24 for the first transcript and $5 for each additional transcript. Certified cheques and money orders are payable to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. A duplicate diploma will be issued at a cost of $24.00.


If a parent or friend is requesting the transcript or diploma on your behalf, they will be required to complete the Request for Student Academic Records, provide a letter from you authorizing their request on your behalf, present a copy of your valid government-issued photo ID, and make payment.

How long does it take to process a request?

Please allow approximately two weeks to process your request, keeping in mind that secondary school and the school board administration offices may be closed for a period during the summer months.


What if my school is permanently closed?

If your school has been closed, bring the completed Request for Student Academic Records to Corporate Records, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, 133 Greenbank Road, Ottawa, ON K2H 6L3.


Can I receive a copy of my transcript or diploma through the mail?

Yes. You will need to complete the Request for Student Academic Records, attach a copy of your identification, include a certified cheque or money order made payable to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, and send to either your last attended secondary school or, if closed, to Corporate Records, 133 Greenbank Road, Ottawa, ON K2H 6L3.


Will schools or Corporate Records forward my transcript to a University or College?

Yes. You will need to provide the same information as noted above as well as your university or college student number. Indicate on the Request for Student Academic Records the address to which you would like the transcript mailed. For those applying to an Ontario college, you might also want to use the new Ontario College Application Service now available (see below).


What is the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS)?

As of November 28, 2008, there is another option for former students of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board who want their transcripts forwarded to Ontario colleges. Simply go to, pay the college application and transcript fees (transcript fees are identical to those charged by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board), and OCAS will send your transcript to all Ontario colleges to which you’ve applied. Students of closed schools of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board may also use this service. The OCAS service enables your electronic transcript to reach its college destination quickly, and allows you to track the status of both your application and transcript requests online.


Note: Students currently in high school need not request a transcript when making application to a college through OCAS, as this continues to be an automatic process through the high school.


What is a Letter of Attestation?

At times there are requirements to attest to the graduation, registration or attendance of a student. Letters of Attestation are prepared on school letterhead if the student is currently enrolled at the school or if the student is a former student. If the school has been closed, the letter will be prepared on school board letterhead through Corporate Records. Information contained in the letter is verified by the data held in or noted on the Ontario Student Record.


To obtain a Letter of Attestation, the Request for Ontario Student Academic Records form must be completed and signed by the student’s parent/guardian, or adult student. Valid government issued photo identification (health card/drivers licence) must be presented. If another individual is obtaining the Letter of Attestation on the student’s behalf, a copy of the student’s valid government issued photo identification must accompany the request.


The cost to generate a Letter of Attestation is $10.00, and additional Letters of Attestation for siblings will be charged to a total of $15.00.


What are the requirements for eligibility for English instruction in Quebec?

The Government of Quebec requires that a student wanting to attend an English school in the province is eligible according to Quebec legislation. Eligibility is confirmed through the student having already received English instruction in a school in Canada, or through confirmation that one of the student’s parents or grandparents received the majority of his or her elementary instruction in English in a school in Canada. Quebec Form 1A is generally provided by the Quebec school board to which the student is registering, although copies are also available through Corporate Records. Some school boards in the Montreal region request letters on board letterhead instead of Quebec Form 1A. In either case, Corporate Records processes and issues the form or letter on behalf of current or former students of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board at a cost of $10.00 for the first child and $15 for two or more children.


Can I get photocopies or microfiche copies of Student Academic Records?

The fee for photocopies or microfiche copies of student academic records is $5.00 per item.