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Technological Education

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Technological Education courses offer secondary school students the opportunity to apply theory and knoweldge to hands on projects and gain practical skills that have direct links to a wide range of post-secondary and school-to-work programs. There are a wide range of programs available, from computer technology to hair styling and aesthetics.

Top 10 Reasons to Take Technological Education Courses 

  1. You will apply the theory and knowledge that you learn in other courses to create real projects in Technological Education.
  2. The projects you create will be relevant to you, your school, and your community.
  3. The skills you develop in Technological Education will be useful after high school, in post-secondary programs, in the workplace, and support personal pursuits.
  4. You will learn from teachers who have industry specific qualifications and workplace experience.
  5. Technological Education courses have direct links to a range of post-secondary and school-to-work programs.
  6. Technological Education programs can lead to in-demand, high-paying careers.
  7. Teaching takes place using a "project-based", problem-solving model - the way industry works.
  8. Learning is "hands-on", students "learn-by-doing" - the way we learn naturally.
  9. Technological Education courses focus on providing students with practical skills that they can use in the "real world". 




For more information please check out the course information below, talk to your Guidance Counsellor or check the contact tab for central staff contact information.


 Course Information


Course Codes and Course Descriptions


TIJ1O - Exploring Technologies - Grade 9
Get a sampling of the Technology programs offered in your chosen secondary school. Work with a variety of tools, equipment, and software commonly used in industry.

TGJ - Communications Technology
Learn how the media affects you and the world around you. Explore the exciting areas such as broadcasting, photography, film, cartooning, and animation.


TEJ - Computer Technology
You will find out what makes computers tick by learning about networking, interfacing, programming, and robotics.


TCJ - Construction Technology
Create and read working drawings and become familiar with construction materials. Use a variety of hand and power tools to design and build your own construction projects.


THJ - Green Industries
Pursue your passion for the environment. You will use materials and techniques of the green industry in hands on projects such as planting, harvesting, floral and landscape design.


TXJ - Hair Styling and Aesthetics
Enhance your hairstyling, make-up, and nail care techniques in a spa/salon type environment.


TPJ - Health Care
You will use instruments and equipment to learn about anatomy, organs, and body chemistry and the effects that lifestyle choices can have on a person’s health.


TFJ - Hospitality and Tourism
Use modern tools and equipment to study food preparation and health and safety standards. Learn about event planning and about tourism attractions across Ontario.


TMJ - Manufacturing Technology
Design and fabricate products using such processes as machining, welding, vacuum forming, and injection molding.


TDJ - Technological Design
Apply design processes to a variety of technological challenges such as building models and designing projects.


TTJ - Transportation Technology
Learn to service and maintain various transportation systems such as cars, planes, and motor boats. Your projects may include the construction of a self propelled vehicle or craft.



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 Contact Information


For more information please speak with your guidance counsellor or contact one of the following central staff:

Instructional Coach for Trades and Technology
Michael Nesbitt
Phone: 613-596-8211 ext.8390

Instructional Coach for Pathways/OYAP/Cooperative Education
Candace Carson
Phone: 613-596-8211 ext.8697

Specialist High Skills Major Coordinator
Lydia Hamilton
Phone: 613-596-8211 ext.8575

Secondary System Principal
Steven Massey
Phone: 613-596-8211 ext.8413