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Colonel By Secondary School

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General Information
The Colonel By Secondary School community consists of caring students, staff, and parents working closely together to foster academic excellence and to ensure high academic achievement.
Our goal is to help students thrive as responsible, productive members of society while developing a strong knowledge base, critical thinking skills, productive work habits, and employability skills.
Special Programs
The academic program is challenging and is designed to provide our students with a strong academic and technological foundation for their further studies. While the Ontario Ministry of Education diploma requirements form the basis of the Academic Program at Colonel By Secondary School, students are encouraged to pursue a sound, well-rounded education and to go well beyond the mandatory requirements.  Colonel By is the only non-semestered school in the OCDSB. Staff believe that a non-semestered timetable best supports the learning needs of our students. Sustained effort over the course of the entire year enables students to acquire both the desired knowledge base and the appropriate skills for future successes.  Acceptance of one’s responsibility as a learner is the foundation of our school as a safe and caring learning environment.


       Colonel By offers a full range of academic programs including French Immersion, Co-operative Education,  Outdoor Education and Technology.
       Colonel By is the only OCDSB school offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program. This program is recognized by universities throughout the world.
       The Multimedia Distribution System provides Colonel By Secondary School with CougarVision, Canada’s first all digital,high  school television station.
       Specialist High Skills Major in Arts and Culture: Digital Media building on our CougarVision Program and partnering with local    industry experts for Coop experience.
       Colonel By has an outstanding Fine Arts Program including Music, Visual Arts, and Musical Theatre.  .
       With numerous sport teams, clubs, and student activities, Colonel By has something for everyone.  We encourage all our students to participate in our extra-curricular activities.

School Info

Phone: 613-745-9411
Fax: 613-745-4680
Jean Fulton-Hale
Laurie Labelle
Larry Ruch
Superintendent of
Neil Yorke-Slader
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