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Course Code Chart

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Course Code Chart





The first three characters indicate the Ministry approved course title. In this example: SNC = Science


The fourth position indicates the grade or language level. In this example: 1 = Grade 9


The fifth position indicates the course type. In this example: D = Academic


If there is a character in the sixth position, it indi-cates program or credit differentiation or the focus of the course. In this example: F = French Immersion


Major Subject Areas (First Position)




Course Type


Program Differentiation


A = The Arts

B = Business Studies

C = Canadian and World Studies

E = English, English Literacy Development, English as a Second Language

F = French

G = Guidance and Career Education

H = Social Sciences and the Humanities

K = Non-credit courses

L = Classical and International Languages

M = Mathematics

N = Native Studies

P = Health and Physical Education

S = Science

T = Technological Education


1 = Grade 9

2 = Grade 10

3 = Grade 11

4 = Grade 12


A = Level 1

B = Level 2

C = Level 3

D = Level 4


Grades 9 and 10

D = Academic

P = Applied

O = Open

L = Locally Developed (Compulsory Credit)

Grades 11 and 12

U = University

M = University/College

C = College

E = Workplace

O = Open


A. Single credit Cooperative Education course (Immersion)
B. Double credit Cooperative Education course (Immersion)
C. Single credit Cooperative Education
D. Double credit Cooperative Education
E. Enriched Course
F. French Immersion/Extended French course
G. Gifted course
H.  Advanced Placement course (AP) where language of instruction is French
I. Gifted course where language of instruction is French
J. French Immersion, Enriched where language of instruction is in French. 
K. Arts Canterbury course
L.  Special Education Credit course
M. Regular Non-credit course
N.Special Education Non-credit course
O. Credit Recovery
P.  Female Physical Education
Q. Male Physical Education
R. Advanced Placement course (AP)
S. Sheltered course (ESL/ELD)
T.eLearning course
U.  Yearbook
V. Special Education Credit Recovery
W. First half of full credit course
X. Second half of full credit course
Y. First half of full credit Special Education course
Z.  Second half of full credit Special Education course

1-4 and 8-9 - Schools may use for internal scheduling purposes

5 - Dual Credit - Team Teaching

6 - Online French courses in Summer School and French Credit Recovery

7 - Credit Recovery, Independent Learning Course and Mini - Alternative Program

0 (zero) - Focus Program Credit 

s of Course Codes

Course Code

Subject Area


Course Type

Program 6th Character


Dramatic Arts



No 6th character indicates a regular program


Construction Technology



Cooperative Education single credit


Canadian History Since World War I



Immersion, language of instruction is French

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: A sixth character in brackets indicates that multiple courses are offered. For example, SNC2D(F) means that the school offers both SNC2D and SNC2DF.