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Ridgemont High School

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School Info

Ridgemont HS

9 to 12 (semestered)
Principal:   Richard King
Vice-Principal:   Chris Hale
Vice-Principal: Jane Dempsey 
Office Administrator: Brenda Beattie
Chief Custodian: Ron Haakman
2597 Alta Vista Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA    K1V 7T3

Hours: 9:00- 3:10
Phone: (613) 733-4860
Fax: (613) 521-9637

Programs Offered:
Cooperative Education
Developmental Disability
English as a Second Language
Immersion French
International Languages
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
Superintendent of Instruction:      Nadia Towaij
Area Trustee: Chris Ellis (ZONE 6) 


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