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Multi-Year Student Learning and Pupil Accommodation Planning

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Multi-Year Plan for Student Learning and Pupil Accomodation 

Alta Vista/ Hunt Club Review

An accommodation review was scheduled to begin in the Alta Vista/Hunt Club area in April 2017.  The review has been delayed and is now scheduled to begin in September 2017.


The District is holding a Community Meeting for parents and community members in the Alta Vista/Hunt Club area. The meeting will be held at:
Ridgemont High School
2597 Alta Vista Drive – Cafeteria
Monday, May 29, 2017 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  - PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE
Childcare will be available
At the meeting, the District will explain why an accommodation review is being planned and how the review process works. Parents and community members will have a chance to share information about their school and their community. There will also be an opportunity to share thoughts about how the District can best communicate with you during this process.
This community meeting is a chance for the District to hear your thoughts and to help in the development of options/ recommendations that will be considered this coming September 2017. Staff will not be presenting options/recommendations at this meeting.
Draft Meeting Agenda
·         Welcome and Introductions
 -      What brought you here?
·         Presentation - Supporting Student Learning through Accommodation Reviews
·  Your Thoughts About the Review Process - Activity
What are some things you’d like the district to hear about the review process
·  Tell Us What Matters to You
-      What is important to you about your school?
-      What factors/unique things about your community do you think need to be considered?
-      How can we best engage you through this process?
·   Insights and Questions
·  Wrap-up and Closing
The Alta Vista /Hunt Club Review will include the following schools:
Alta Vista Public School
Arch Street Public School
Bayview Public School
Blossom Park Public School
Charles H. Hulse Public School
Dunlop Public School
Featherston Drive Public School
Fielding Drive Public School
General Vanier Public School
Hawthorne Public School
Pleasant Park Public School
Robert Bateman Public School
Roberta Bondar Public School
Sawmill Creek Elementary School
Vincent Massey Public School
Brookfield High School
Canterbury High School
Hillcrest High School
Ridgemont High School  
More information will be provided in advance of the meeting.
If you have any questions, please visit our frequently asked questions or email
Over the next 5 years the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) will be conducting student learning and pupil accommodation reviews that will cover most geographic areas across Ottawa.
What does this mean?
This means we are reviewing our schools, programs and student enrolment to ensure we have sustainable and vibrant learning environments. There will be recommendations for change; this may include changes in grade structure at a particular school (eg. K-5 school becomes K-6), changes in program offerings (eg. adding or removing Middle or Early French Immersion), changes in school boundaries, and in some cases school closure.
Why are the reviews being done?
These reviews are designed to enhance opportunities for student learning.  In order to provide the best learning environments for students, the district has to look at student enrolment, pupil space, school building conditions and program offerings and ensure all of these things are balanced.  Over the past five years, the OCDSB has reviewed and updated our Elementary School Program Framework and our Secondary School Program Framework​. These involved a series of reviews of how programs are offered and what changes to program delivery could better support student learning.  In addition, there have been changes in provincial policy and funding which require school districts to deal with unused pupil space. These reviews are the formal opportunity for the district to consider all of these issues and make recommendations which will better support student learning.
How is student learning enhanced through the review?
The potential benefits of the reviews are very broad and could include:
- the range of programming and courses available;
- fewer transitions for students (reducing the number of school moves that a student has to make and the number of schools that students are directed to at transition points);
- sufficient enrolment to support course offerings, sports teams and other extracurricular activities;
- the availability of specialized support services for individual students or small groups;
- improvements to and/or improved access for grade 7 and 8 students to specialized facilities, such as gyms, libraries, design and technology, music and science rooms in secondary schools;
- improved school building conditions; and
- improved accessibility features with respect to entry, movement within the facility and outdoor play space.
The Ministry of Education funds schools on a per-student basis. And in some areas of Ottawa, our OCDSB schools are operating at less than 60% capacity where others are operating at more than 100% capacity. Therefore to help keep education funds focused on student needs, we must manage the costs associated with empty space in schools. These reviews are the process that school districts must use in order to make decisions about school accommodation planning including school closures.
The proposals for change will result in wider program opportunities for students at the District level, better consolidation of support services for students, more equitable access to programs of choice and facilities that are in better condition to support student learning.