Staff Awards 2019-2020

For descriptions and more information about additional OCDSB staff awards please see Procedure PR.621.HR Employee Recognition Plan.

2019-2020 Director's Awards

The Director’s Citation Award recognizes outstanding and significant staff contributions to the District and its students, over an extended period of time, showing a level of imagination, enthusiasm, and professionalism that constitutes a worthy model for others. It is intended to be a recognition of staff, by their colleagues, honouring those who are in the midst of their careers. Nominations are made by trustees, senior staff, principals and managers.

The Director’s Staff Awards include the Director’s Citation Award, Innovation Award, Mentoring Award, Ronald K. Lynch Memorial Award, Technology Excellence Award, Excellence in Equity Award and Health and Safety Award.

Director's Citation Awards Recipients

Jennifer Burman  Jennifer Burman
Office Administrator, Woodroffe Avenue Public School

Jennifer has worked for the OCDSB for over 9 years. She is a dedicated and hard-working employee who has had the opportunity to work in Business & Learning Technologies as well as in the schools. Jennifer happily mentors others, takes calls asking for support and help, serves on committees and works well beyond the hours of the job – always with a smile. Jennifer always puts others before herself. She is reliable, giving, kind, and extremely skilled at what she does.
 Christine Camus-Shepley  Christine Camus-Shepley
Principal, Henry Larsen Elementary School

Throughout her 35-year career with the OCDSB, Christine has been a powerful mentor and leader, demonstrating incredible empathy, a tireless drive for equity, unfailing optimism, and an ever-present student-centred approach. At Henry Larsen Elementary School, Christine has been instrumental in the establishment of spaces that are key to the health and well-being of students, including the Husky Den, Zen Den, and Chill Room. She is a steadfast supporter of the Arts, and her contributions to the Music program have allowed it to grow into one that is renowned in the school community and beyond. Christine builds strong and supportive relationships with all of the people with whom she works.
Ted Capeling  Ted Capeling
Secondary Academic Staffing Resource Teacher (HR) and Senior Chemistry Teacher, A.Y. Jackson Secondary School

As a Secondary Academic Staffing Resource Teacher since 1995, Ted has been instrumental in ensuring that OCDSB secondary schools deploy the correct levels of staffing, and that schools are staffing according to the Secondary Collective Agreement. He has also been on the front of important collective agreement standards as understood through staff workload surveys. Ted is a strong communicator and manager who always has the respect of colleagues. He successfully leads Secondary Staffing Committee Meetings and works with various departmental staff. At A.Y. Jackson Secondary School, he makes significant contributions to extra-curricular activities, such as coaching hockey teams. Ted is generous with his time and support and is dedicated to the school environment.
OCDSB logo  Roberta Cliff
Financial Analyst, Early Years

Roberta has been with the OCDSB since 2013. She excels in her position, assisting over 5,000 families with their registration, changes of care, multiple scheduling, income tax receipts, and the management of subsidised spaces for child care through the City of Ottawa. She also assists her co-workers with a variety of tasks and shares her knowledge and expertise to support the Early Learning Department. Recently, Roberta’s input and expertise played an important role in the Request for Proposal process to select a vendor for an e-registration platform. She goes above and beyond the call of duty, increasing the morale and performance of the team and department.
Ken Donovan  Ken Donovan
Chief Custodian, Viscount Alexander Public School

Every day, Ken rolls up his sleeves and is a key component of the operations at Viscount Alexander Public School. Ken enthusiastically volunteers his time and knowledge to the school’s Bike Rodeo – which provides students with access to bikes and helps them improve their skills – by organizing, fixing, and adjusting the bikes. Always going above and beyond, this fall, Ken helped the kindergarten team get creative with ideas and materials to build a cave in a kindergarten classroom for the prehistoric centre. Ken is professional, enthusiastic, caring, creative, and a respected role model.
Jacqueline Glance  Jacqueline Glance
Speech Language Pathologist, OCDSB

Jacqueline (Jacquee) has made outstanding and significant contributions to the OCDSB and its students for well over 20 years. In all that she does, students come first. Jacquee has supported staff and students in a variety of systems classes, such as the Language Learning Disabilities Program (LLD) and Autism classes. She is committed to building on children’s strengths and helping to address their areas of need. She has dedicated many hours and years to the Parent Articulation Training Program (PAT-P). She also recently launched a new app with community partners. Jacquee is generous with her time and resources, and contributes in a meaningful way to all of her schools.
Rebecca Grandis
 Rebecca Grandis
Senior Board Coordinator (former Administrative Assistant to the CFO)

Rebecca began her career with the OCDSB in 2008. Before starting her current role, she worked as the Administrative Assistant to Chief Financial Officer and Superintendent of Facilities, Michael Carson for 8 years. She also covered an extended vacancy in the Human Resources portfolio as well as her regular duties, keeping everything organized with precision. Rebecca has worked with numerous departments to keep a complex and diverse portfolio running smoothly. She has a solid knowledge of everything from budget and payroll to maintenance and tendering. Rebecca is always mindful of how she is serving students, staff, and the public. She demonstrates decorum, has a remarkable memory, possesses great initiative, anticipates needs, and is a creative problem-solver.  
Karen Ivings  Karen Ivings
Speech Language Pathologist, Learning Support Services

Karen is a team player who goes above and beyond her duties to form relationships with students, families, and staff members. She shares her expertise and collaborates to creatively support the needs of her schools through workshops, sharing of resources, and professional development. She is a leader and mentor within the Speech Language Department, through whose innovation early intervention for kindergarten students in the OCDSB has flourished over the past 10 years. She has spearheaded highly successful initiatives such as the Kindergarten Speech Language Intervention Program (KSLIP), the Early Learning Intervention Program (ELIP), and research into French Immersion Programs and at-risk students. Karen is dedicated, hard-working, inclusive, and compassionate.
Allan Leduc
 Allan Leduc
Chief Custodian (interim), Hawthorne Public School

Since his arrival at Hawthorne Public School in November, Allan has gone above and beyond to help make the school a friendly, inviting, and welcoming space for students, families, and staff. Allan is always willing to consider new ideas and tough jobs, such as retiling and reorganizing the office space and painting the school so that it is one cohesive space. He is an incredible self-starter, and is proactive in caring for the building. Alan is also kind and welcoming to students and effective at building and maintaining relationships with staff. His wealth of knowledge has been helpful to all who have worked with him.
Scott McEwen  Scott McEwen
Department Head, Mathematics, Osgoode Township High School

Scott is passionate about ensuring that all students reach their full potential in math. He plans innovative activities to help students engage in their learning, from integer dominoes to escape rooms. Every day at lunch, students come to him for extra help in math. This, in turn, leads to students helping students and a broader positive school attitude towards math. Scott is a great support to everyone in the school community, mentoring new teachers, leading presentations, helping with technology, and more. He also coaches varsity girls’ and junior boys’ basketball. Scott steps forward whenever anyone needs a hand and shares his knowledge with others.
Heather Nichols  Heather Nichols
Office Administrator, South March Public School

Heather has worked at many different schools, supporting all stakeholders as an Office Administrator. She played an instrumental role in the opening of her current school, South March Public School, over 10 years ago. Heather is always looking to improve the school, and her ideas demonstrate her imagination, pride, and innovation. Everyone who enters the office is greeted with enthusiasm. Heather has the ability to build strong relationships and communicate in a friendly, supportive way. She has been the “go-to person” for many students because of her kindness and empathy. Heather’s dedication to students, staff, and parents is always her top priority, and she is an exceptional role model.
Joey Persaud  Joey Persaud
Registered Early Childhood Educator, Broadview Public School

Joey is generous with his time and skills, serving Broadview Public School in a variety of ways. On top of his role at the school, he has volunteered to supervise intermediate dances and field trips before his shift. He is an integral member of the school’s Grade 8 Leaving Ceremony committee, the School Wellness Plan committee, and the Flower, Gift, and Social committee. Joey is a strong advocate for peer leadership and the social benefits of big buddy programs for students. In his classroom, he takes great pride in maintaining a learning environment that promotes and fosters the natural curiosity of children. He also currently serves as divisional team leader. Joey conducts himself with integrity and professionalism, and is an exemplary Registered Early Childhood Educator. 
Esther Sinclair  Esther Sinclair
Officer Administrator, Pinecrest Public School
Esther is efficient, effective, knowledgeable, and treats everyone she meets with grace and warmth. Esther has welcomed around 200 new students to Pinecrest Public School over the past three years, and she has also warmly greeted many families who are newcomers to Canada. Esther goes out of her way to support students. This has included liaising with community groups for donations that benefit students, and organizing a party to help students get ready for graduation. Esther can always be counted on to handle every situation professionally and compassionately.

Catherine Ford
Office Administrator, Osgoode Township High School 

Catherine Ford

Leslie Belair-Leslie
Assistant Office Administrator, Osgoode Township High School 

Leslie Belair-Leslie
 Natalie Currie
Office Assistant, Osgoode Township High School

Natalie Currie

 The office team at Osgoode Township High School is vibrant, energetic, and enthusiastic about serving the students, staff, and community. Catherine, Leslie, and Natalie are individually exceptional, and, as a team, beyond exemplary. They readily adapt to new ideas; they were among the first to use Google and took a lead with School Cash Online and School Connects. Catherine, Leslie and Natalie deliver a high level of care and service to everyone, from providing bandages and photocopies, to coaching sports and taking the staff lead on running Relay for Life this year. They each consistently demonstrate professional integrity and an amazing work ethic.

Cynthia Donkers  Cynthia Donkers
Supervisor, Corporate Records

Cynthia (Cindy) plays a critical role in developing and maintaining the District's information management strategy. She helps implement strong records management controls and processes, leads the automation of business processes using Laserfiche and Laserfiche Forms, and plays an important role in the protection of personal information and privacy. For over a decade, Cindy has also had a leadership role in the OCDSB United Way campaign. Since her involvement in the campaign, the District has raised more than $1 million to make a difference in the community. Cindy is collaborative, respectful, empathetic, and resilient; she works hard and with integrity, and she puts the interests of students first.

 Employee Recognition Awards Recipients

Excellence in Equity Award:
Donna Burns  Donna Burns
Teacher at Vincent Massey Public School

Donna has been volunteering for 15 years to run the Heart of the City Piano Program. She has invited numerous students to her class, where she has set up pianos or keyboards with headphones so that they can improve their skills. She also facilitates a team of volunteers from the University of Ottawa to help teach piano to students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to receive lessons. Every year, Donna prepares students for a recital and organizes a field trip so that they can attend it, creating an unforgettable experience for the students. Her passion for education has opened up horizons for many students.
 Health & Safety Award
Jennifer Reed  Jennifer Reed
Teacher, Health and Safety Representative at Castor Valley Elementary School

Jennifer (Jen) has taken on the role of Health and Safety Representative year after year for over a decade. Her monthly inspections are done with care, and she diligently works with staff to ensure the safest environment possible. She provides updates at staff meetings and empowers staff to become agents of their own spaces and communal areas to reduce risks. Jen’s kind and caring nature allows her to work effectively with a wide range of staff and students, and she is deeply committed to their health, well-being, and safety.

 Technology Excellence Award
Eleri Morgan  Eleri Morgan
Teacher at Fisher Park  Public School/Summit Alternative

Eleri has taken on a leadership role in implementing technology at Fisher Park Public School/Summit Alternative. The school has a “Design District” with 3D printers, a Cricut vinyl cutter, coding platforms, and the OCDSB’s first laser cutter. This incredible space was created thanks to Eleri’s vision and dedication, which led to an application for funding through Experiential Learning. The Design District has been used to connect students with curriculum expectations in many ways. The laser cutter was also used to create Christmas ornaments to help raise funds for families in need within the school community. A dedicated mentor, Eleri shares resources with staff and runs a weekly club where students can explore the technology.

 Ronald K. Lynch Memorial Award
Karen Granville  Karen Granville
Educational Assistant with Learning Support Services

Karen has been an outstanding Educational Assistant for the OCDSB for the past 16 years, effectively supporting students with a variety of needs. At Osgoode Public School, Karen used her lunch periods to spend quality time with students who had difficulties developing healthy relationships. Her clubs positively impacted students’ learning, self-esteem, and engagement in school. Karen regularly takes time to celebrate each individual’s unique strengths and abilities through her thoughtful words and actions. She is continually growing in her skills and knowledge with regard to special education needs. 
 Ronald K. Lynch Memorial Award
 Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School Logo  Gregory Scott
Teacher at Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School

Greg has had a profound impact over his 29-year teaching career. As a science teacher, Greg taught lessons in a fun and interesting manner, adapting his instruction to ensure success for each student. As the inaugural teacher of Sir Guy Carleton’s Physical Support Program for students with physical disabilities, Greg developed an exemplary system of integration and support. He established a swimming program, started a curling bonspiel, and regularly took students on field trips. He has also coached sports teams and supported a variety of events, including coordinating student volunteers for the school’s Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless for more than 20 years. 

Coaching Award of Excellence

The Coaching Award of Excellence is presented annually for superior commitment and dedication of an OCDSB staff member to the advancement of the athletic ability of our students. Nominations are made by the Athletic Association Committee and awards are presented at the Coaching Banquet in June.

Arts Recognition Awards

This award is presented annually to staff members annually for innovative programming in the arts during the school year. Impact has to be measurable with the student body of an OCDSB school. Nominations are made by Principals and school councils and the awards are presented at a special Board meeting in October. For more information please visit the Arts Recognition Awards webpage.

Marjorie Loughrey Lifetime Achievement Award

The Marjorie Loughrey Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to a staff member for continual and distinguished excellence in arts education over several years. Nominations are received from Principals and school councils and the award is presented at a special Board meeting in October.

Special Event Arts Award

The Special Event Arts Award is presented annually to an elementary and secondary school staff member for a special event, exhibition or arts package that occurred or was created by staff during the school year. Nominations are made by Principals and school councils and the awards are presented at a special Board meeting in October. 

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