The OCDSB current strategic plan is scheduled to expire in August 2019. We have made great progress under this plan and are at the stage when we must consider what priorities carry forward and what other areas require more focus.  An important first step in the planning process is actively consulting with stakeholders in order to gain input into the development of priorities for the next strategic plan. The consultation process has four stages: 

  1. Pre-consultation                                              (October/November 2018) - COMPLETE
  2. Idea Exchange                                                   (November/December 2018) - COMPLETE
  3. Developing Strategies and Action             (January 2019) COMPLETE
  4. Feedback on Draft Plan                                 (May 2019) - COMPLETE


During the Idea Exchange stage, there will be separate conversations:  parents and community members; staff; and for students.  The conversations will also be separated by elementary and secondary panels.  This will allow people with common interest and experiences to be involved in the conversation.

The District is currently in the Strategies & Actions stage which includes focus group discussions.  At the focus group session, participants will be provided with feedback from the idea exchange and will work in groups to explore and discuss the results from the online consultation, and help define specific strategies and actions for achieving identified goals.

The first session was cancelled due to inclement weather, and the second session was held on:

Thursday, January 31st, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Cairine Wilson High School - Library 
975 Orléans Blvd


The overall consultation process is explained in the following diagram.


Figure 1: Strategic Planning Consultation Process

Over 6000 people participated in the conversation. One area where we made important gains in terms of participation was with students.

  • Students – 1020 students
  • Staff – 1151
  • Parents – 4129 (3035 elementary; 1094 secondary)
  • Community – 289

The feedback from the Idea Exchange is reported by theme. Six Top Themes were identified including Curriculum, School Environment, Teaching and Learning, Student Supports, HR & Board, and Extra-Curricular and Physical Activity. Each theme has multiple sub-themes. Please view each question below to explore specific results and themes.

Understanding the Results

Top Thoughts: Top thoughts are thoughts with a high average star score, as determined by participant starring.

Top Themes: Top themes are themes with a large number of thoughts. Theming: Thoughts with an average star score of 3.6 or higher are grouped according to topic to show areas of high agreement within the exchange. 

Understanding Key Themes


Teaching & Learning

School Environment

Student Supports

HR & Board Level

Extra-Curricular & Physical Activity


Modernize Curriculum

Core Curriculum

Life Skills

Special Education

Career Pathways


Equity & Standardization


Learning Skills


French Immersion


Specialty Programs

Indigenous History


Class Size


Instructional Quality

Differentiated Learning

Instructional Practice

Learning Environment



Aggressive Behavior


Equity & Diversity



Board Level Communication

Gender Inclusive

Class level Communication

School Level Communication




Mental Health

EAs & Support Staff

Classroom Supports

Wellness Strategies

Mental Health Professionals

Assessment & Testing

Learning Support Programs


Extended Day Programs



Professional Development

Board Level Administration



Staff Mental Health


Outdoor Activity

More Physical Activity

Variety of Activities & Clubs



Field Trips


Comparison of Responses to Q1 & Q2 Responses by Theme
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