Mid-School Year Check-In

Winter Covid-19 Survey - Your experiences help us continue to improve.  

We recently requested feedback from OCDSB students, parents/guardians, and staff about how things are going right now. This feedback will help us find ways to continue to improve how we do things at the OCDSB, and will help inform the plan for next year. 

Feedback was collected using a thoughtexchange survey, which had two parts:

  1. Multiple choice questions about topics such as learning, engagement, well-being, safety, and access to resources; and
  2. An open-ended question asking participants to tell us (in their own words) about their current experience. Participants also had the opportunity to see the thoughts of others and assign stars to thoughts they felt were important.

From February 16-26, we had 12,365 participants share 17,052 thoughts.

Preliminary results from the individual surveys are available using the following links:

The District continues to review the feedback and is working to address the comments and concerns that were voiced. Some of this work includes:

From Students, We Heard:

In Response, We Are Doing:

Many students find the pace ofthe secondary quadmester model/schedule to be too fast.

A District-wide Student Success Day (Apr. 9) for secondary students, where students in both cohorts will have a day to catch up, from home, with teachers available to answer questions.

OCV students are looking for more support with online learning.

A 40-min breakout room each week (per class) for teacher/peer support for OCV secondary.

Student concerns over tests, marks, and assignments.

To reduce workload stressors, the OCDSB will not participate in the OSSLT this year.

Students, especially those in OCV, need breaks during online learning.

Two 5-minute breaks will be implemented across all OVC elementary and secondary campuses each day.

Students want to have a voice and want to see their feedback resulting in change.

Two half-day sessions held with OCV students (grades 6-12) to engage in student- driven decision making. Groups receive $500 and teacher time to support; we will re-group again in May.

Concerns for student well-being.

We have increased messaging to students with more specific and accessible information, tips and resources.

Students want for more opportunities for social interaction.

We are exploring interactive virtual recess in OCV in 2021-2022; a welcome period (10 mins) will be added to OCV secondary for check-ins and community building.

From Staff, We Heard:

In Response, We Are Doing:

The workload is too heavy; concerns for staff well-being

Continue to look for ways to streamline workload and timing pressures for all staff.

Increased comfort with technology, but ongoing needs/issues.

Exploring technology needs in an upcoming survey; We’ll integrate survey results to inform development of a technology toolkit.

Frustration with the hybrid model for specialized program classes.

Learning Support Services is providing support/ tips for teaching virtually and in the blended model through a Google site and through LSCs.

OCV Staff want option to work remotely.

We have continued to modify/review the work location of OCV staff and potential impact on bricks and mortar schools, with a view to allowing more staff to work remotely.

Overall, We Heard:

In Response, We Are Doing:

Experiences with safety guidelines.

We continue to work closely with Ottawa Public Health and follow their guidance; We are proud of the Board’s advocacy and the Ministry’s inclusion of school staff and bus drivers in Phase 2 of the vaccination rollout.

Gratitude for the hard-working teachers and custodians.

We’ve actively shared this feedback with staff, so that they are encouraged by these messages of appreciation.

Appreciation for the opportunity to see the thoughts of others, which was validating for those with a similar experience.

Another check-in is planned for later this spring, so that students, staff and parents/guardians will have another opportunity to share feedback.


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