Curling for All: Hillcrest High School Student Organizes Inclusive Curling Experience

Curling for All: Hillcrest High School Student Organizes Inclusive Curling Experience
Posted on 05/30/2024
Curling for All: Hillcrest High School Student Organizes Inclusive Curling ExperienceIn the dynamic world of curling, inclusivity is taking center stage, thanks to passionate individuals like Hillcrest High School student Rebecca D. A dedicated leader at her school, Rebecca was a recipient of the 2023 Fran Todd All Heart Junior Curler Award  (FTAHA) and showcased her dedication to fostering a more diverse and welcoming curling community.
As a member of the Student Council since Grade 9, Rebecca quickly became attuned to the needs of her peers. Her election to the Student Senate in Grade 10 provided her with a platform to advocate for change and introduce her fellow students to the sport she loves.
Rebecca applied for the FTAHA with the goal of developing experiences that make curling accessible to everyone at her school, regardless of background or ability. To kick off the project, she organized a floor curling experience in the Hillcrest High School gym, where 75 students got to learn about curling and get an idea of what to expect on the ice.
The highlight of Rebecca’s program was an on-ice event at the RA Centre in April, where 45 students experienced the thrill of curling firsthand. What set her initiative apart was her unwavering commitment to inclusivity. By actively involving students from diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as students from the Developmental Disabilities Program (DDP), and students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – the event created an environment where everyone felt valued and included. 
Rebecca worked to accommodate individual needs, such as setting up chairs for students who were not comfortable bending down or able to stand on ice for long. She dedicated time to researching solutions that would make the event inclusive for all participants.
With support from Curling Canada, Rebecca also teamed up with Ausome Ottawa to offer training for curling instructors, sharing strategies to create more inclusive curling environments for young athletes with autism.
Rebecca’s initiative not only enriched the lives of her peers but also highlighted the transformative power of inclusivity in curling.

“I am very proud and honoured to have the opportunity to share my love of curling with my school and continue my dedication to inclusivity and equity in sports. I hope more students are willing to try the sport through the school team or even within the community. Curling is a sport that welcomes everyone.” – Rebecca D.

Learn more about Rebecca’s initiative on the Curling Canada website!

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