Autism Awareness and Acceptance Symbol

Everyone Belongs, Supporting Inclusion and Well BeingEveryone Belongs, Supporting Inclusion and Well Being

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is proud to  unveil a symbol for Autism Awareness and Acceptance, that was created with and consulted on, by autistic individuals and parents/caregivers of autistic students. Together, we have created a powerful emblem that speaks to growth, transformation, and the infinite spectrum of diversity within our District.

The Butterfly: a symbol used to represent diversity, embrace change and the many transitions students experience along their learning journey at school. This symbol reflects their lived experiences, resiliency and aspirations.

The Infinity Rainbow: symbolizing the vast spectrum of neurodiversity. The infinity rainbow represents the richness and diversity of experiences, perspectives, and talents within the autism community. A universal symbol used to recognize neurodivergent people and value the different ways of thinking and processing information. 

Together, the Butterfly and the Infinity Rainbow, form a powerful symbol of acceptance, growth, and  belonging—a testament to the beauty and strength of our diverse community.

As we continue to champion neurodiversity and strive for acceptance, let us honour the voices and contributions of autistic individuals and parents. Let us create spaces where everyone feels valued, respected, and celebrated for their unique perspectives and abilities.

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