Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Why should I participate?

This survey is your opportunity to tell us about how your year went and what matters to you for next year. Throughout the year, we have asked you about your experiences virtually and/or in person. We have heard about a wide range of feedback; we have heard about things that were challenging; and we have heard about things that were helpful. As the school year comes to an end, we want to check in again about your experience, ask about important topics that came up in previous surveys, and better understand what you think needs to be among our top priorities moving into next year.

What kinds of questions are in the survey?

Among other things, the survey asks about engagement, well-being, and using/accessing technology. It also asks about things that may have been challenging or helpful last year. Further, it asks about what we can do to help prepare for next year. The survey questions are multiple choice. Some of the questions will look familiar because we asked these questions earlier this year and want to see if there has been a change in how people feel. Other questions are being asked for the first time, but are based on topics and ideas that we heard from the open-ended feedback we’ve gathered throughout the year.

Who should participate in the survey?

Students (grades 7-12), all staff, and parents and guardians (K-12) are encouraged to participate. There will be questions about whether you/your children are registered for in-person or virtual learning; or what your role is if you are a staff member. Having this information will allow us to ask relevant questions to each group, and will allow us to organize the survey results in a meaningful way. If you belong to more than one group (e.g., you are a parent/guardian and an OCDSB employee), you may participate in each survey.                     

Why did only students in grades 7-12 receive email invitations?

We invited students in Grades 7-12 to participate in the process because of their age and ability to contribute to the online consultation process using their OCDSB email account.

I received multiple invitations.  Do I complete the survey more than once?

If you received more than one invitation because you have children at different schools, you only need to respond once. However, if you have multiple roles (i.e., parent and staff member), please respond separately to each invitation. 

I have more than one child.  Should I participate more than once?

Parents and guardians with more than one child only need to participate once.

Can my partner and I both submit a response?

We ask that you limit your responses to one parent or guardian response per family.

How do I participate if I didn’t receive an email invitation?

If you did not receive an email invitation, you can still participate using the appropriate link.

Survey for Students
Survey for Parents and Guardians
Survey for Staff

Is participation mandatory?

No, participation is completely voluntary; however, your participation is important in helping us understand your experience this year and your needs for next year.

What happens if I start the survey but don’t have time to finish it?

You can take a break from filling out the survey and return to it at a later date/time, as long as you do so before the deadline on June 20th, 11:59pm. To return to a survey you already started, click the survey participation link using the same device you used when you started the survey.  This will restart the survey where you left off. If you do not want your partially-completed survey to be accessible from your device, please ensure that you click through to the end of the survey and click submit.

Can I participate in a language other than English?

The survey is available in the following translations: French, Arabic, Somali, Simplified Chinese, Nepali.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions or are having difficulty participating, we would be happy to help. You can email [email protected]

When is the deadline for participation?

The survey launched on June 9th and will be open until June 20th 11:59pm.

When will I be able to see the results?

A summary of the results will be posted to our website by Wednesday, June 30th.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Will people know what responses were mine?

No, all responses will be collected using an anonymous survey link. We will not know whether or not you participate in the survey and/or which responses are yours.

How did you get my email address? / Why didn’t I get an email?

The parent email addresses were taken from our school/district database. Parents or guardians who did not receive an email invitation should contact the school office and ensure their contact information is up to date. Student and staff lists were generated from our internal email systems.

Will you be sharing my email address?                            

No, the e-mail addresses used for sending the survey will not be shared or sold to another third-party.

How do I know my privacy is protected?               

The school district is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with our legislated duty under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Your responses will not be connected or attributed to your email address. Respect for participant anonymity, well-being, and safety remain paramount. As such, anonymity may be breached when there is reasonable evidence to suggest an immediate safety concern, in which case a participant may be contacted by a mental health professional from the OCDSB. If you have questions about privacy, please contact [email protected].

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