PRO Grant Thematic Resources

PRO Grant Thematic Resources
Posted on 02/06/2024

We have developed a list of resources to help School Councils learn more about the PRO Grant thematic areas, including anti-racism, equity, food sovereignty, mental health and well-being, early literacy and numeracy, and more. These thematic areas align with key priorities outlined by the Ministry of Education and with OCDSB objectives. 

This list resource list includes websites, videos, and audio clips that provide in-depth information on each topic. All School Councils are encouraged to explore these resources to gain a deeper understanding of the initiatives and opportunities associated with each theme.

Grant Thematic Areas



Racism & Anti-Black Racism

Parent for Diversity Anti-Racism Collection
The Pervasive Reality of Anti-Black Racism in Canada OCDSB Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

The effects of anti-Black racism in the classroom | The Social

Living In Colour: The history of anti-Black racism in Canada

Anti-Indigenous Racism

OCDSB Indigenous Education
Reconciliation Through Education

What non-Indigenous Canadians need to know
What is reconciliation? Indigenous educators have their say


Equity Resources for Families and Educators
Toronto Holocaust Museum

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center
What Should be Done to Prevent anti-Semitism in School's

Equity &


The effects of anti-Black racism in the classroom

Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty In Canada
Indigenous Food Sovereignty
African Food Basket
Food Share

The Ottawa Food Bank

What is food sovereignty?

Food Sovereignty: What It Is and Why It's Important
A Conversation on Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty - Let's feed ourselves: Starting your own agroecology food garden

Human Rights

Ontario Human Right Commission
What are human rights?
An Introduction to Human Rights

What are the Universal Human Rights
What are Human Rights and why do They Matter
Intro to Human Rights
Human Rights in Ontario- How to File a Complaint

Mental Health and Well-Being

Parents and caregivers Guide
Exploring Mental Health Together

Mental Health Literacy Modules for Grades 7 and 8
Back to School Mental Health Backpack

We all Have Mental Health
Supporting your Child's Mental Health and Well-being

Creating Safe Spaces of Belonging

OCDSB Bullying Prevention & Intervention
Bullying – we can all help stop it
Opening the Doors to Learning Through Safe Spaces in K-12 Schools
Build a Safe Environment
Creating Safe and Accepting Schools: Information for Parents about the Accepting Schools Act

Stop the Bullying- Examples and Best Solutions
Together Against School Bullying

Engaging Parents/Caregivers in Early Literacy and Numeracy

Early literacy and early numeracy
Early Numeracy
Literacy and numeracy skills: Exploring the connection between key skills in preschool

Literacy and Numeracy
Preparing children for school: literacy and numeracy during the early years

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