OCDSB Grade 12 French Proficiency Test

What is the OCDSB Grade 12 French Proficiency Test?

The Grade 12 French Proficiency Test is referred to as the Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) - an internationally-recognized test of French proficiency for persons whose first language is not French. 

It is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which defines language proficiency along six global levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. At each level, proficiency is measured across four competencies: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The French Ministry of National Education awards successful candidates a diploma.


The OCDSB offers DELF administrations to eligible students twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Students were eligible during the semester in which they were enrolled in a Grade 12 FSL course, and were offered the choice of three test levels: A2 (easiest), B1, and B2 (hardest). 

With each test administration, student interest has continued to grow. In 2018-2019, participation rose to over 1,500 students (87% of all eligible), with 96% successfully obtaining their DELF certificate. Overall student performance has remained consistent with each administration:





Fall 2019*

Participation (% of eligible)


(1,455 of 1,749 students)


(1,550 of 1,789 students)


(1,591 of 1,810 students)


(859 of 1,012 students)

Success Rate (of participating)


(1,354 of 1,455 participating)


(1,451 of 1,550 participating)


(1,532 of 1,591 participating)


(830 of 859 participating)

*Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, administration of the DELF was paused in the Spring 2020 and resumed in Fall 2021

***NEW Important Dates (Spring 2022):

  • February 28th – Eligible students (i.e., currently students either enrolled in Gr.12 French this semester or who have previously earned their Gr.12 FSL credit) will receive an invitation via their OCDSB email to register for the Spring 2022 DELF administration.
  • March 11th – Deadline for eligible students to register for the Spring 2022 DELF administration.
  • by March 21st – Participating students will receive a message via their OCDSB email confirming their written exam date and time, and instructions on how to sign-up for their oral interview online via Pick-A-Time scheduling.
  • March 25th – Deadline for students to complete their oral interview registration.
  • April 4 through May 1* – Spring DELF Administration. Written exams will take place in the first week of April according to the schedule provided above; oral interviews to follow.(*May 3rd is being reserved for students who are observing Ramadan and would like to request an accommodation)

For questions related to DELF registration, please speak with your Grade 12 French teacher, your school’s DELF Site Coordinator, or contact [email protected].

Who can take the DELF?

This spring, current students who are either (1) enrolled in a Grade 12 FSL class this semester, or (2) have previously earned their Grade 12 FSL credit through reach-ahead or e-learning and have NOT previously participated in the DELF are eligible to take the DELF. This includes students learning in-person at either a semestered or non-semestered secondary site, as well as those at an OCV site. All eligible students will be contacted via their OCDSB email with an invitation to participate.

For more information, please refer to the following brochure:

OCDSB Grade 12 French Proficiency: Information for Students Taking the DELF

How do students sign-up to challenge the DELF?

To secure their participation in the Spring 2022 DELF administration, eligible students will be contacted by email through their OCDSB email account and must express their interest in participating via an Online Form (link will be provided via email) as well as register for their oral interview (instructions provided upon form completion) by the deadlines provided. An outline of dates to remember are provided above for reference.

Where can students get help selecting a test level?

  • Students are encouraged to seek input from their FSL teacher, but are ultimately responsible for choosing their own DELF test level
  • *NEW* DELF charts outlining the language expectations at each of the three DELF Levels offered are now available:   A2   |   B1   |   B2
  • France Éducation international provides several resources to help students select the most appropriate test level and prepare for their test. These include individual test criteria, detailed descriptions of test components, access to sample tests, and preparation resources (see links under "Présentation des 4 examens" on their website for more details).

What is required to obtain a DELF certificate?

To obtain a DELF certificate, a student must successfully pass both a written exam and an oral interview at the DELF level of their choice (A2, B1, or B2). 

Written exams (which take approximately 2 to 2.5 hours to complete) are scheduled internationally and must occur at the specific dates and times approved by France Education International. This spring, written exams will take place in early April and will be conducted at the student’s school (for in-person students) and at the Confederation Education Centre (for OCV students, as well as reach-ahead or e-learning students where necessary). COVID safety procedures will be in place at all written exam locations, in alignment with recommendations provided by Ottawa Public Health. Please refer to the DELF Administration Schedule below for written exam dates and further details on their administration.

Oral interviews take place within 3 weeks following the written exam, and are approximately 30 minutes in length with an additional 30 minutes of preparation time. This semester, all interviews will take place at Confederation Education Centre between April 7 and May 3, 2022. Transportation to and from this location is the responsibility of the student. Additional COVID protocols will be in place, in alignment with recommendations provided by Ottawa Public Health. Participating students will schedule their interview date and time in advance using our Pick-A-Time online scheduling system (details will be provided to participating students via email to their OCDSB email address by March 21st).

DELF Administration Schedule – Spring 2022

A single DELF administration will take place this spring for all eligible students, with common written exam dates for each Test level (see schedule below). In-person students will complete their written exam at their current school, while OCV students will do so at the Confederation Education Centre. While we are currently planning for DELF written exams to take place in a common, large setting (for example, library) with adequate spacing rather than in-class (as per the fall DELF administration), any changes to this plan based on public health and central operational advice will be communicated in March.

DELF Test Level

DELF Spring 2022 Administration Dates

Test level B2

Monday April 4 starting at 12:00 Noon

Test level B1

Tuesday April 5 starting at 12:00 Noon

Test level A2

Wednesday April 6 starting at 12:00 Noon

**Note: Rescheduling will
not be possible for students who are unavailable.

Note on religious accommodation: We would like to acknowledge that the DELF is taking place over Ramadan and provide accommodations for students who are fasting, where possible. While we have no flexibility with the written exam dates/times due to them being established internationally, we are prepared to make accommodations when it comes to scheduling oral interviews (e.g., by reserving space in the earliest/first time slot of the day, and reserving May 3rd as an alternative oral interview date). This will be communicated to participating students via email with their instructions on how to sign-up for an oral interview, and those seeking assistance or accommodation will be encouraged to reach out at that time.
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