Safe Schools Reporting Tool

An anonymous reporting option for students

Are you feeling unsafe at school?

Are you worried about a friend, classmate or someone else?

Are you unsure about talking to a teacher or going to the principal’s office?

Use the OCDSB Safe Schools Reporting Tool.

It’s a private and anonymous way for students to share their concerns.

Click the button below to send your report now.

send your report now.

Remember, if it's an emergency or someone is in danger, call 911 immediately.

Once you send your report, your principal and the OCDSB Safe Schools team will review it and take action as needed. 

About the Safe Schools Reporting Tool

There are many people in your school who can help you - a teacher, principal, your guidance teachers (secondary) or other trusted adults. But there might be times when you are not comfortable telling someone what you need. The Safe Schools Reporting Tool is an anonymous way to share concerns about yourself or someone you know. 

Remember, this tool is not a replacement for talking to your teacher or principal. It’s just another way to get help. You are encouraged to reach out to your teachers, principal or other school staff when in need.

What can I report?

You can share many different things, like:

  • Bullying or harassment (including online)
  • Threats 
  • Fighting or violence
  • Mental health concerns
  • Abuse or unwanted attention
  • Hate or discrimination
  • Smoking, vaping, drugs, or alcohol
  • Vandalism or destruction of property
  • Weapons
  • Or any other concerns that are affecting you or someone else

Is it actually anonymous?

Yes. The Safe Schools Reporting Tool is anonymous and confidential. You can choose to give your name or stay anonymous. However, if someone’s life is in danger or they are at risk of serious harm, we will do everything possible to help, which may include trying to find out who made the report.  

Who can use it?

Any student who needs help. It’s designed for OCDSB students in grade 4 and up, but any student can report a concern if they need help.

What happened to the previous OCDSB Cares reporting tool?

We have moved from OCDSB Cares to the Safe Schools Reporting Tool. The previous OCDSB Cares used a third-party provider. Starting with the 2023-2024 school year, we have decided to create our own reporting tool.

Additional Community Supports If You Need Help

Don’t forget, there are other places in our community if you need help or someone to talk to. 

These include additional anonymous services not connected to the OCDSB (such as the Kids Help Phone or Crime Stoppers) or services for specific identity groups.

Visit the
OCDSB Mental Health Resources page for more information..

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