Mental Health in Action: Students

From School to Summer: Wellness Tips from the OCDSB Mental Health Team

As the school year comes to an end, it’s natural to be carrying a variety of emotions. The last day of school is often pictured as a moment filled with excitement and relief, but it can also be met with feelings of worry or sadness. If you’re feeling a roller coaster of emotions as the year comes to an end, know that it’s totally normal and you are definitely not alone. Here are a few things you can do that can help.
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Beat Stress and Thrive!
As the school year wraps up, we know that many of us are heading into end-of-year exams, summatives and assignments. Let’s talk about ways to tackle stress head-on and make your present and future more enjoyable!
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When a Friend Asks for Help
The Youth Action Committee has shared a message on how to support a friend who comes to you for help with their mental health. Read tips on how to be there for friends when they reach out, and how to balance helping others with taking care of yourself.
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Talking to Parents/Caregivers about Mental Health
Welcome to the monthly wellness message from the Youth Action Committee on Mental Health! Navigating conversations about mental health with parents or caregivers might raise doubts or concerns for some, which is a normal thing. You might wonder if they’ll understand, or if it’s even worth the effort to even bring it up.
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Conquering Negative Self-Talk
Life can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and sometimes we can get pretty critical of ourselves. Those thoughts are called ‘negative self-talk’. Negative self-talk can creep into our minds and can be pretty convincing. Luckily, we can learn to challenge these negative thoughts!
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We hear the words ‘grateful’ and ‘gratitude’ a lot. But gratitude isn't just about saying thanks to someone. It's about noticing and valuing the good stuff in life, even the small moments. When you focus on what you're thankful for, it can help shift your mood and perspective.
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Dealing With Exam Stress (Before, During, and After): Tips from YAC
We understand that exam time can sometimes feel hectic and overwhelming. We're here to provide you with valuable strategies to help manage exam stress and hopefully put you on track to success while maintaining some inner balance. So, let's explore some of these exam-handling ideas!
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A Back to School Message for Students from the OCDSB Mental Health Team
The OCDSB Mental Health Team is sharing a few tools and strategies to help students prepare for the return to school.
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Taking Care of Your Mental Health: Resources from Y.A.C 

Talking with someone is one way we can take better care of our mental health. Knowing this can be a stressful time of year for many students, the OCDSB’s Youth Action Committee on Mental Health (Y.A.C) has compiled a few resources to help students find support. Take a look at the poster they've created to see what local organizations are here to support you.

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Resources for Students from School Mental Health Ontario

School Mental Health Ontario has compiled a variety of helpful mental health resources for students on topics like grounding techniques, anxiety management, racism, self-care, and more.

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Get Involved with Y.A.C!

The Youth Action Committee on Mental Health (Y.A.C) is a group of high school youth who are passionate about promoting mental wellness for all students. Are you interested in joining? Learn more by following the link below. 

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Youth Net’s Mental Health E-Learning Hub

Taking care of our mental health is an essential part of our overall health and well being. Youth Net and Ottawa Public Health have worked together to create self guided learning opportunities on stigma and mental health, stress and coping, and more. Visit Youth Net’s Mental Health E-Learning Hub to explore content created by youth, for youth, and click here for more information on how to use the resources.

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Mental Health Tip Sheets for Students 

During Mental Health Week, the OCDSB’s mental health team prepared tip sheets for students on mental health and well-being. Follow the link below to learn about mindfulness, emotions, better sleep, reducing stress, kindness, and the benefits of laughter and fun! 

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Mental Health Week: Videos for Students 

For Mental Health Week, OCDSB students prepared videos to help their classmates and friends learn more about mental health and well-being. Click the link below to watch the playlist! 

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March 7th is Black Mental Health Day

Black Mental Health Day, recognized each year on the first Monday of March, is an opportunity to confront the impacts of anti-Black racism on the physical and mental health of Black Canadians.

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Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

The surge in Omicron and the return to remote learning has left many families and students feeling a range of emotions. Follow the link below for tools and resources to help your family understand and cope with feelings of stress and worry. 

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