Privacy and Security

Protecting data, building digital citizenship and ensuring secured technological resources and infrastructures

If learning is the journey, and seamless and innovative technologies are the vehicle, then privacy and security embody the safeguards. A complex set of tools and strategies, proactive measures, and responsive actions, secure our organization’s confidential information and protect our infrastructure against data breaches and potential cyber attacks.

With evolving technologies and societal changes also come significant digital challenges and opportunities that demand modern solutions. Immersive virtual environments, generative artificial intelligence, and connection in digital spaces requires everyone to develop new critical thinking skills and become active participants in safeguarding personal data. We must move beyond basic security practices and develop a shared sense of urgency and responsibility.

Goal: We will protect data by building a culture of privacy, security, and digital leadership.

Connections to Exit Outcomes:

  • Resilient
  • Digitally Fluent
  • Ethical Decision-makers
  • Globally Aware
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