New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 - F.A.Q.

Why won’t the new Half Moon Bay school be ready on time?

Essentially, the delay is attributable to one key component of construction:  the availability of custom steel components that support the structure.  We have done everything we can to search out alternatives, but redesigning the building from the ground up at this point would likely result in more significant delays than the ones we are currently anticipating.  The steel will be delivered in the new year and, with that, the community will see quick progress on the build.  Until then, there is limited activity on the site as construction has proceeded as far as it can without the steel.

Can the School Board guarantee that the New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 will be ready by January 2024 and the relocation to the D.A. Moodie site will be temporary? 

We have enough experience building this school plan (it’s the 5th repeat of the same essential footprint) and the pandemic-related delays to understand the timing impact.  We have received a revised construction schedule from the General Contractor and this schedule has been evaluated by our Design and Construction Division and our architect to ensure the revised  completion date is reasonable and doable.  

When we open a newly constructed school in September, we often do so with key components of the site unoccupied and needing to be finished (library, learning commons, gyms). In the case of Half Moon Bay E.S. #2, the January opening should allow for the school and these noted components to be substantially finished at time of occupancy.

Supply chain issues can be unpredictable. If the construction is at risk of taking longer why not keep kids at their current school? When will that decision be made and become final?

We strongly considered whether Half Moon Bay P.S. could sustain another year with the growth in enrolment that is anticipated and it was determined that the school is already above a sustainable capacity.  As a result, planning has been proceeding for the opening of the new school, including the boundary setting exercise.  When it became apparent the new school building would not be ready until mid-year, the decision was made to look at other options that would allow the new school to open in September 2023, as planned, at a temporary site, based on the approved boundary.    

We knew that D.A. Moodie is being used as a temporary location for Shingwàkons P.S. and it is a similarly sized and organized school.  There is adequate classroom space at the site, and there have been recent improvements to fencing.  Additionally, the site is well designed to accommodate the bus traffic that is anticipated.

What else did you think of before arriving at the D.A. Moodie interim measure?

As indicated above, we considered whether Half Moon Bay P.S. could sustain another year with the growth in enrollment that is anticipated and determined that this was not a viable option.

We also considered whether we could remove a grade or grades from the school; specifically if the grade 6s could be moved to Cedarview Middle School a year early.  While this would provide some relief, it would not provide the amount of relief required.  We would also have a completed school sitting vacant from January to June; as organizing and moving into the new school from scratch at that point would not only be extremely disruptive to the students and families of Half Moon Bay, but staffing the school mid-year would also have a ripple effect through any number of other elementary schools.

We did consider attempting to cap enrollment at Half Moon Bay P.S. and redirecting new families to an alternative location, which has been done in very limited circumstances in the past.  However, this means identifying an alternative location for redirected families, and there are no schools in the immediate area with excess capacity.  There has also been a suggestion that we redirect “new” children to D.A. Moodie, however, we cannot form a school with the100+/- children who move into the area at different grade levels at different times in the year and provide them, or the children left behind with the experience and learning opportunities that we expect to offer.

Will the Extended Day Program (EDP) be offered at the D.A. Moodie site? If so, will parents need to drive to that school to pick kids up?

The extended day program will be offered at the temporary school site.  The hours cannot be confirmed as yet; but generally operate between 7 am and 6 pm. We can confirm that parents/guardians will be responsible for transportation to and from the school for EDP.

My child is currently in Grade 6 and is within the Cedarview Middle School Attendance Boundary. Is the Cedarview MS Boundary inline with the New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2?

Yes, the Cedarview Middle School Boundary remains unchanged.

Will the boundaries for Half Moon Bay P.S. change when the New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 opens? And if so do we know what they will be?

In accordance with the 2020/2021 consultation and Board approved motion, the approved final boundary map is linked below: New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 Attendance Boundary Map

Are all New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 students and staff going to be relocated to D.A. Moodie? If not all students and staff are to be relocated, how is this determined?

Any current or new student in Grades K-5, in the 2023/24 school year who resides within the new boundary (see the question above) will be block moved into the new school.  Those students who will be in Grade 6 in the 2023/24 school year will remain at Half Moon Bay P.S.  There was no grandparenting of siblings.  If parents feel they have a compelling reason to request a younger sibling of a Grade 6 student to also stay, they must avail themselves of the OCDSB Transfer Policy .

Preparing to staff the school will be done early in the new year with the appointment of a principal.  Hiring staff for the school will follow the collective agreements and hiring policies and procedures we have in place.

The New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 school is planned to open in September 2023 as a JK to Grade 5 school. Where will the Grade 6 students attend who reside within the New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 Attendance Boundary during the 2023/2024 school year?

Students who will be in Grade 6 for the 2023/24 school year are grandparented at Half Moon Bay P.S.  The new Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 school will open in 2023/24 with a K-5 grade structure and will grow a grade the subsequent year to become a K-6 school.  We typically grandparent the oldest grade to remain at the current school to avoid “three schools in three years” scenario for these students (ie: Half Moon Bay P.S. for grade 5, Half MoonBay E.S. #2 for grade 6 and Cedarview Middle School for grade 7).

Is there a chance that the January 2024 opening date will be pushed back as well?

While we feel the revised construction schedule is very feasible and achievable, there is always a chance that further delays could occur.  However we are confident the major hurdles to construction will be behind us over the course of this building season and we will be ready to open at the new facility in January.  If somehow this does not happen, remaining at D.A. Moodie is an option, albeit not one we are envisioning will be necessary.

The inclusion of an Intermediate Program (grades 7 and 8) at the New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 was discussed during the consultation process. Has a decision been made?

It was a consideration in the consultation, but it was not approved to go forward at this time.  The rate of construction in Barrhaven South is such that the elementary (Kindergarten to grade 6) space is more urgently required, and there would still be the question of redrawn boundaries for Cedarview Middle School.  The inclusion of an intermediate program at the new school is not envisioned in the immediate future and is unlikely until rates of growth level off in the community.

Has transportation been considered to ensure that buses are available to transport students from the Half Moon Bay community to D.A. Moodie?

We have communicated with the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority.  Busing will be made a priority for this community.  The pressures of busing are very real but we know that there is a better chance of stability if this plan is articulated early, rather than a last minute response.

During one of the Advisory Committee meetings, one of the original options for the boundary line was Brambling Way.  Why was this changed to Cambrian Road?

That was a result of the 2020/21 consultation on the boundary; a history of which can be found here: New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 Study

Do I have to register again for my child to go to school at the D.A. Moodie location?

No. All students who were previously registered to go to school at the New Half Moon Bay E.S. #2 site will be automatically registered to attend school at the D.A. Moodie location. New students to the OCDSB can register through this page: .

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