Finance and Budget

The annual budget process is an important element of our corporate planning at the OCDSB. The budget is the allocation of resources which support our strategic plan, annual district goals and school improvement planning.

School boards are funded through Ontario’s "funding formula".  The Ministry allocates funding to each board using a formula that’s based on student enrolment and the unique needs of the students in each board.  School boards receive funding in two ways.  First, education property taxes collected by the City of Ottawa go to the Board.  Second, the Province tops up the amount to bring the OCDSB’s total up to the amount set out by the funding formula.  The Province sets the education tax rate, not the school board trustees.

The annual budget process is perhaps the most challenging of all of our corporate planning processes because it brings us to the point where we can no longer focus on what we want to do, but rather what can we afford to do. There are a number of limitations which add to the pressure of the budget process, including, but in no way limited to the fact that almost all school board funding comes by way of provincial grants, the timing of the grants, the complexity of grant formulas and envelope funding, the number of special purpose and ad hoc grants, conflicting timelines between staffing, grant announcements, budget recommendation and budget approval.

Students are always our primary focus and we are committed to offering programs and services which challenge all students to achieve their personal best. We make efficient, effective, and innovative use of resources, based on sound planning, and the best available information. The budget allocates available resources to address student needs.

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