Supporting Mental Health and Well-being

Supporting Mental Health and Well-being
Posted on 01/04/2022
Supporting mental health and well-being

The surge in Omicron and the return to remote learning has left many families and students feeling a range of emotions. For some, the news has been a welcome relief, while it has left others feeling frustrated and worried.

This continues to be a time of uncertainty and families are facing enormous pressures and strain. Everyone responds to this stress differently, but we know that stress can significantly impact both mental and physical health.  

While some level of stress and worry are to be expected right now, it is important to recognize the signs that may be associated with emerging mental health concerns for your child. 

  • Talking with your child about mental health can help to open the lines of communication and help you to better understand your child’s experience through this time. 
  • Take time to listen to and validate their emotions, check in with them regularly and ensure they know that you are there for them.  

Click here to review an information sheet created by School Mental Health Ontario to help guide you in these important conversations.

As parents and guardians we are often preoccupied with our children’s mental health and ignore our own experiences. It is important to pause and recognize the strain that this is having on us, too, and to find ways to take care of ourselves just as we do for our children. 

  • Reminding ourselves to be attuned to our own feelings, be gentle with ourselves, and find ways to recharge in an intentional and meaningful way will help us navigate through this time and have the energy to be more present to meet the needs of our children. 
  • By talking about our experiences and how we are managing, we can then model healthy coping strategies for our children in managing their own stress. 

Click here for further ideas on daily practices that can help us restore our energy and stay well in challenging and unpredictable times.  

Tips for thriving while learning remotely

The OCDSB mental health team has prepared some simple tips to support students and parents with well-being during remote learning. 

Additional resources and supports

For services and support available to help, please reach out to the following community resources or contact your school administrator.

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