Mental Health Week: May 1-7, 2023

Mental Health Week: May 1-7, 2023
Posted on 04/28/2023
Mental Health Week: May 1-7, 2023

This year, Mental Health Week takes place from May 1-7. This year’s theme, “My Story”, recognizes the unique stories and experiences each of us brings to the world. We all come with multiple layers and many intersecting identities that make us who we are.  No matter our personal story, taking care of our mental health is important for everyone, as is ensuring that all people have access to differentiated, identity-affirming mental health care.  

Taking care of ourselves and others takes time, focus, and intentionality. It is important to give ourselves space to recognize how we are and what we need. Most importantly, it takes a community commitment to notice, reach out, and care for one another as we continue to heal together. 

Each person is unique, and so are each person’s mental health needs. How you recognize this week depends on each individual person: you might like the idea of a “daily challenge” to help you dedicate time each day to your mental health and well-being. Or, you might prefer browsing a few tips about stress management or another area you’d like to focus on. 

The OCDSB’s Mental Health Team has compiled activities, resources, tip sheets, and more to help you to focus on whichever approach or topic fits best with you and your story. We hope these resources provide you with inspiration to focus together on how we can find joy, laughter, and learning together as we highlight the importance of mental health for everyone. 

Visit our Mental Health Week 2023 webpage to learn more.
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