OCDSB Board Approves Names for Two New Schools

OCDSB Board Approves Names for Two New Schools
Posted on 05/29/2024
OCDSB Board Approves Names for Two New Schools

On Tuesday evening at the OCDSB Board of Trustees meeting, trustees voted unanimously to approve the names for new schools in Stittsville and Findlay Creek.

The new elementary school in Findlay Creek will be called Mino Mikan Elementary School. The new high school in Stittsville will be called Maplewood Secondary School.

In both school communities, the names were chosen using a consultation process involving students, parents/caregivers, staff, an Algonquin Elder and community members.

The OCDSB would like to acknowledge the support of the Government of Ontario for the funding of our new elementary and secondary schools.

Mino Mikan Elementary School: (Pronounced: Mi-no Mee-can)  Mino Mikan translates to "the good path" in the Algonquin language. The school naming committee saw it as a representation of a positive beginning for students, opening many doors for students - a journey towards learning, growth, and community contribution. They believe the name resonates with the area of Findlay Creek known as Pathways and has a connection with Miikana Road, the street where the school is situated. Choosing a name with an Algonquin background was seen by the committee as a meaningful step towards reconciliation and is in line with the OCDSB Strategic Plans focus on social responsibility. An Algonquin-named school offers valuable learning opportunities for students and the school community as they delve deeper into the history of the Algonquin people.

The new JK-6 school, situated at 820 Miikana Road in Findlay Creek, will offer both English and Early French Immersion programs. It is anticipated to open with approximately 457 students, drawing from the community currently served by Vimy Ridge Public School. The construction of the new school is expected to finish in August 2024, with plans for it to open in September 2024.

Maplewood Secondary School: This name represents the flora and fauna of the local area and is a connection to the changing nature and natural beauty of Canada’s landscapes. Maple trees symbolize endurance, growth, strength, and resilience. Honouring trees and their importance is relevant in today’s climate. In addition, maple trees are reflected in the poem “leaf-bearing trees” by local Algonquin elder, Albert Dumont. Maplewood Secondary School aligns with the OCDSB Strategic Plan of social responsibility and well-being and embodies care and belonging to our community. This name encourages engagement and connection with the natural world around our students.

Fernbank is a fast growing residential area in the western part of the District. The new Grades 7-12 school located at 700 Cope Drive in Stittsville will offer English and French Immersion, scheduled to open this September with approximately 807 students in Grades 7-9. Each year, a grade will be added to the school until it becomes a 7-12 school in September 2027. The students who will attend the school are drawn from the community of Stittsville and surrounding rural areas.


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