Boardroom Newsbrief – January 30, 2018

(The Newsbrief is meant to provide the highlights of the decisions made at the Board meeting for the benefit of our community. The notes do not serve as the official record of the meeting. Please refer to Board or Committee minutes).

Public Motions

Approval of Facilities Renewal Plan and School Condition Index 2017- 2018 Project Plan

Trustees approved the updated project plans contained within the Facilities Renewal Program (FRP) and the School Condition Improvement (SCI) reports for the 2017-2018 budget year in the amount of $87,408,449.

Overview of the Report

School boards can use 70% of their SCI funding to address major building components; the remaining 30% of SCI funding is designed to address locally-identified renewal needs.

The science lab upgrade program continues to be supported within the multi-year renewal plans in the secondary panel.  Multiple science lab upgrades, along with conversions of libraries to learning common areas will proceed across the District.

The Western Area and Eastern Secondary Area Pupil Accommodation Reviews have been completed and work is underway. Project plans for the 2017-2018 school year are extensive. Most construction projects will take place during the summer months. Staff is mindful construction projects not impact student learning.

Trustees were advised the District strives to fulfill its commitment to improving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. As part of the Ministry of Education’s reporting requirements, project updates are entered into the VFA (ReCAPP) database. The District reports annually on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Approval to direct staff to provide information on tiered interventions and guidance on the feasibility of providing teacher professional development on tiered interventions

Trustees directed staff to consider and provide guidance regarding the feasibility of providing Professional Development relating to tiered interventions, differentiated instruction and placement in special education programs. Trustees asked staff to make this type of Professional Development a priority in 2018-1019 and 2019-2020.

The goal is to develop teacher knowledge and skills regarding tiered interventions, differentiated instruction, and specialized program placement. The Professional Development should also focus on skills to identify and develop an understanding of specific types of instructional tools and metrics that might be used at each tier to expand the teacher’s knowledge base.

Staff will produce a memo by the end of March 2018 explicitly defining the three tiers of intervention, including:

  • Specific progress timeframes
  • Concrete examples of classroom interventions and;
  • Accommodations associated with each tier

Executive Compensation Program

The Board adopted the Executive Compensation Program that was revised and approved at a Special Board meeting on November 16, 2017. The revised document was submitted to the Ministry on November 17 and approved on December 11, 2017.

The OCDSB conducted a 30-day online public consultation on the proposed Executive Compensation Program from December 14, 2017 until January 13, 2018. The Board considered the input received during the public consultation and determined no changes were required to the Executive Compensation Program.

The Program was re-submitted to the Ministry of Education for final approval. The Ministry advised the District on January 22, 2018 the OCDSB Executive Conpensation Program had received final approval.

The Board officially adopted the Executive Compensation Program at the January 30, 2018 Board Meeting.

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