Technology Plan
FALL 2019 – FALL 2022

Business and Learning Technologies’ Vision: To create a seamless and innovative technological experience.

In the development of the three-year Technology Plan, it was important to engage a variety of different groups, in order to access a diversity of voices. The plan builds on the strengths of our District and reflects the needs in our school communities. It aligns with the OCDSB’s 2019–2023 Strategic Plan that focuses on a Culture of Innovation, Culture of Caring, and Culture of Social Responsibility.

The four themes of the Technology Plan each have a goal to be achieved by June 2022.

Within each goal are desired outcomes for students, staff and system. Key performance indicators will be used to monitor progress. Deliverables will be achieved by the conclusion of the plan.


Strategies to support the achievement of the four goals:
  • Professional learning and training to assist staff in building their capacity to achieve the desired outcomes in each area of the plan.
  • Foster the conditions to support staff in having an open learning stance to use technology in creative and innovative ways.
  • Collaborate with departments to ensure alignment of tools and processes across the District.
  • Develop a communication plan to ensure all stakeholders are aware of Transforming How We Learn and Work and the goals within.
  • Align the work of Transforming How We Learn and Work with the OCDSB’s 2019–2023 Strategic Plan.
  • Create an implementation and monitoring process to ensure Transforming How We Learn and Work is effectively implemented and monitored for impact.

Exit Outcomes: The Characteristics and Skills We Want for all Learners, learn more about Exit Outcome.

Modern Living


Transforming How We Learn and Work will determine our journey for the next three years (2019–2022). A detailed
year-by-year plan will be created to guide the direction of Business and Learning Technologies in each of the four
themes. Progress on the yearly plan will be monitored by the leads of each project and progress towards the desired
outcome will be shared twice each year. The progress in each area will assist the department in the development of
the detailed plan for the subsequent year. Business and Learning Technologies will work with staff and all departments
to implement and monitor the plan.

As part of the monitoring plan, there will be lead and lag measures. Lead measures identify the progress that is being
made towards achieving the goal. Lag measures determine if the goal was achieved. They are usually accessed at the
time that progress towards the goal is assessed.

Goal: Students will increase their level of Digital Fluency

Lead Measure

Lag Measure 

 Student Survey feedback on what could be
changed to support student use of technology
to create knowledge.

 More students are using technology to
create new knowledge as determined
through student portfolios.

teck plan

Business and Learning Technologies’ Mission:

We care about the success of our students so we strive to provide and
support a learning and technical environment that is innovative,
safe and accessible for the entire OCDSB community.

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